Browsing for inspiration is one of the best ways to find new ideas for brave and bold home designs. The great news is that being innovative doesn’t mean having to spend a fortune. In fact, some of the best solutions to creating a home that has its own unique and special charm are relatively simple and easy on your budget. Here are a few home makeover tips to encourage your inner creative spirit.

Colour me perfect

Bold doesn’t always mean bright. Sometimes, a darker shade will create an atmosphere that is mysterious and magical as well as unique. Brave people can also disobey some of the standard rules when it comes to colour, such as using lighter tones to make smaller rooms look bigger.

For example, if you can paint all the walls in your bathroom, why not try a dark blue colour and then decorate with tiny gold stars on the ceiling and the top of the walls? You could also try some of those stick-on motifs that glow in the dark. Add a bright light if you like, but a muted coloured bulb will really enhance the magical cave effect. Just make sure it’s not too dark to find your way around!


Prints and patterns

Prints and patterns can be bold, bright and playful, and you can use them in several different ways to striking effect. Increasingly, patterns are appearing on soft furnishings, bed linen, shower curtains and wallpaper. When used sparingly, they can really make an impact on each room.

Keep walls and floors neutral if you plan to use furniture with patterned covers, for example. The same applies in the bedroom: if your décor is plain, your bed linen can be bold and bright. If you want to use patterned wallpaper, it will look better on a feature wall. Using it throughout a room may be overwhelming.


Let the sun shine in

 When it comes to making bold design statements, less is often more. Just as exposed beams and stone or brick interior walls have become fashionable, revealing windows have grown in popularity among those looking for something new or different to enhance their homes. Eye catching window shutters can do this for you and are a great option if you don’t want to spend money on blinds, voile panels or curtains and associated trimmings. Shutters let you control the amount of natural daylight, and some types can be repainted when you fancy a change.


Small changes, big impact

If you want to keep things really simple, you can opt for clever design touches here and there that can alter the ambience in your home. Indoor greenery is still very fashionable, and you can make a bold statement with your choice of house plants.

Try growing an Amaryllis for the amazing trumpet-shaped flowers that come in a variety of colours, for example. You might also consider using larger-than-life lanterns, which make excellent terrariums, while country-style woven baskets that cover plain flowerpots add a special touch as they become containers for tall green plants, such as spiky grasses or umbrella trees.



You don’t have to redecorate to create a pop of colour. One clever way to make a bold design statement is to rearrange your books by colour rather than size. A plain room with magnolia walls and ceiling and a wooden floor can look amazing if you add a blue rug, blue shutters, blue artwork and a brown sofa to complement the floor, along with a shelf full of books with blue covers. A couple of neutral cream lamps completes the calm yet vivid ambience.


Be different

Being bold in design terms means being yourself, being different and maybe also being a bit defiant. If upcycling has caught your imagination, you may want to make the most of some of the ingenious, beautiful and all-around outstandingly brilliant ideas doing the rounds at the moment. You’ll get a special thrill when you find new ways to reinvent and reimagine ordinary objects, such as using a section of a pallet to make a spice rack for your kitchen, and you will soon find that just one bold and unusual idea can transform your home, giving it a more innovative and slightly edgier feel.

Whatever style of décor you prefer and no matter how old your home is, there is a wealth of useful information and inspirational ideas waiting for you when it comes to deciding on a bold makeover.




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