There’s no denying that technology has changed our lives in a big way. Over the last hundred years, there’s been so many technological advancements that have made a massive impact on the way we live. If we go back to 1918, things were a lot different then. At the beginning of the last century, there were no computers, no televisions, no internet – a few houses would be lucky enough to own a radio but that’s about it.

These days, if you went into someone’s house you wouldn’t be surprised to find more than one television, several computers, tablets, smartphones, games consoles and ereaders. We take these things for granted now, but if you think about it, we would be lost without them. I have my MacBook with me if I’m travelling for more than a couple of days, otherwise I always have my iPad with me. I also have my iPhone on me at all times as I use it constantly.


Our smartphones are probably the most used pieces of technology that we own. It’s so handy having something that fits in your pocket that can be used as a telephone, a calculator and so much more. My phone has got me out of a couple of sticky situations before and I’m so grateful for technology these days. I’ve had times when I’ve been lost in a new city and I’ve been able to use Google Maps on my phone to find where I need to go. I’ve also used the Trainline app to look at and book train tickets when my trains have been cancelled and I’ve been stuck far away from home. I use it to answer emails when I’m on the go, I also have the Kindle app for reading books when I don’t have my actual kindle or a paperback with me.


It seems like nobody goes out and meets people the old-fashioned way anymore. We’re all on some sort of dating app like Tinder or Bumble. I’ve met a couple of people from online dating sites/apps myself and it is an easy way to find someone. Especially if you’re shy and socially awkward like I am. If we didn’t have our computers and smartphones, there’s no way I would have ever had any kind of relationship. I’m not the sort of person that can meet someone on a night out and start talking to them!

Sunlife have created an online tool which shows how technology has changed our lives over the last 100 years. Have a look and see if you can learn anything from it. I didn’t realise that the first mobile phones were around in the 1970s! I was especially interested in how much photography has changed over the last 100 years. Photography is so important to us in this day and age as it’s a way of preserving memories. We have so many different types of cameras and it’s amazing to see how much photography has developed.

What do you think about the way technology has changed over the last 100 years?


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