Boho is short for bohemian, it is a style inspired by the “free spirits” or hippies of the 1960s and 70s. Drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences, it is a style of clothing that has made it’s way back into modern days.

This look is perfect for summer and, contrary to what people may believe, is not only for teenagers. There are many ways to take inspiration from the boho trend and give it a classy spin that will have you looking like a woman and less like a teenager trying to emulate a Bob Dylan fan.

Here are a few outfits I have put together for inspiration. You will notice flowers are some of my favourite patterns for this trend, as well as bright colour details in accessories.


Outfit 1 – The classy boho chic girl

Shein Dress (£12),  Kohls Necklace (£10), H&M Hat (£15), Macy Shoes (£38), Vintage Bag

For this look pick a loose dress, long sleeves are always a plus in my book, and pair it with a statement piece of jewellery. Dig your closet for some platform or high heeled shoes, leather or suede are my favourite and pair perfectly with a leather patterned bag. The hat will make the whole outfit come together.

If your dress is a soft colour, pick traditional brown leather coloured accessories, they will pair better with the soft coloured dress.If you’re dress has striking print, go for accessories with colours that match and without print, otherwise it may be too much for the onlookers!


Outfit 2 – The eccentric boho chic

Chicwish Top (£33), Chicwish skirt (£20) , Shein shoes (£28)

This outfit speaks mostly by itself. My favourite because of the colours, the key is really in the accessories. I love the fact that boho style has brought back suede clothing and colours. But you don’t need a very colourful closet to pull this look off. If you look at the skirt and top I have picked out, they are quite plain by themselves. But the accessories and the shoes are what really gives the outfit colour, boho style, and makes it a statement piece.

Chunky bracelets and big earrings will work best. I prefer sandals with a skirt, specially for summer, and it will avoid making the outfit look too cluttered, which boots would do. People often forget about shoes but they can really change the style of an outfit entirely, so can hair! If you have long hair go for a loose braid that looks almost careless or a half up half down style that leaves natural curls to the wind.


Outfit 3 – The casual boho girl

H&M jeans (£31), Zaful Top (£16), Rocket Dog Shoes (£31), Kohls Bag (£35)

This one is for the shy girls, those that like the boho style but don’t think they can pull off a complete change of style, or an eye-catching outfit. The key to this is to take everyday casual clothing, which you may already have in your closet, but pair them well. To give you a slight boho air without a major change to your style.

Pick a pair of jeans that are slightly loose, if you have boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, or best of all flare jeans they will be perfect for the boho chic style. Find a top that is slightly tight at your waist but loose in the sleeves, this will ensure you maintain some shape to your body which may have been lost depending on the style of jeans you picked.

If you don’t have crop tops or flare sleeve tops you can always find tops that have floral patterns or colourful patterns, however, tops that give you some shape will be best.

Then go for some platform sandals, again, this will elongate your legs and give you some shape. If your outfit lacks colour, such as the one I’ve pulled together, find a colourful handbag. This will give your outfit some light.

Written by Max Lami



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