If you’re a student, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is what you will do after you graduate. Should you travel, get a job, or apply for postgraduate study? Will you move abroad for an internship, or take a gap year? The choice you make could define your entire career, so it’s worth spending some serious time figuring out what your next step should be.

The main reasons why graduates take time out after university are that they want to see the world while they still have the chance, or that they simply don’t know what to do next and need time to figure it out. Both are valid reasons for wanting to take a gap year, but not everyone is financially or physically equipped to go travelling for months at a time.

Luckily, there is another option that encompasses the essence of travel without you having to spend lots of money or give up your home. Going on holiday after you graduate – whether for the whole summer or just for a week or two – is the perfect way to reward yourself for your hard years of study; here are three reasons why you should book yours today.

It Will Help You Refocus

The last year of university is difficult. You’ve got assignment deadlines, exams stress, piles of books to read and probably a job or two to worry about, so it’s no wonder you can’t decide on your life goals. Whether you travel alone or with friends, a week spent exploring a new city away from everything that’s caused you stress over the past year will allow your mind to reset and refocus. You’ll come back with a clearer idea of what’s in store for the future, or at least for the year ahead.  

You Need That Sunshine

Chances are, you’ve been chained to your desk for the last few months writing your dissertation or cramming for a final exam. Couple that with the fact that sunshine is a rare commodity in the UK, and the reasons to go on holiday are beginning to mount up. Sunshine is good for your health, and students are famous for not taking care of themselves during times of intense study (late nights, lots of coffee and takeout food ring a bell?).

You owe it to your body and mind to bask in the glow of a warm sunrise – even if only for a few days. Destinations like Mykonos have plenty of sunshine and warm weather during the summer, and you can fly there relatively cheaply. If you’re travelling with friends, why not book one of the many Mykonos villas rentals so you can kick back and relax in style?

You Can Let Your Hair Down

University life is renowned for drinking games, wild nights out, but there probably wasn’t much of this in your final year. If you’re lamenting the loss of the student lifestyle and worried about entering the world of work, perhaps you need to let party one more time your uni pals. Book a week in a party town like Ibiza, and you’ll be able to properly let your hair down and put that exam stress behind you.



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