One thing that people always get excited for is food, especially if it’s something a bit different and it isn’t going to be around for long. Over the past few years there’s been an increase in the number of pop up food stands that have been around and there are so many different ‘food festivals’ and ‘food markets’, especially during the summer. My favourite time of year is when Lichfield Food Festival is on and I can go and sample all of the delicious foods from around the country and buy myself something special for my lunch from one of the street food stalls and I always end up coming home with way more food than I actually need.

One of the UK’s leading LPG suppliers to businesses Flogas, has been doing some research into how the food industry has shifted away from brick and mortar establishments.

Why pop-up food has become so popular

A survey by Eventbrite involving over 2,000 people who have attended a pop-up dining experience has shed light on why the events have proven so attractive to the public.

75% of pop-up event attendees believe that it’s worth paying more money in order to witness a unique dining experience – it also makes for some great instagram or blog photos if you’re into that sort of thing. 

So, what is important to those attending a pop-up event? For 84% of survey respondents, it was a unique menu or theme (again, think of the ‘gram). This was followed by events held at memorable location (76%) and occasions that promised to be a one-of-a-kind experience (74%).

A look at the increasing popularity of street food

It is not just pop-up food events that have witnessed a significant rise in popularity — street food is enjoying a golden period at the moment too. Events like Digbeth Dining Club in Birmingham are really popular – so popular in fact, that they’ve had to extend it to two nights a week instead of just one! I love going and trying out different dishes from the stalls – my favourite is Caribou Poutine and any type of crepe stall. 


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