There’s so many amazing things that you can do with a microwave nowadays, I really don’t think I could ever be without one. Although a lot of people associate them with ready meals, did you know that you can cook a meal in one from scratch using fresh ingredients? Panasonic have recently shared the below video showing how you can cook a roast pork belly in one of their combination microwaves and it looked so delicious and easy that I just had to try it out for myself.

I started off with a piece of pork belly that I bought from my local farm (Packington in Tamworth), you can’t get any fresher than that! I was cooking this for myself and both of my parents, so I made sure that there was enough for all of us and got a piece that was just over a kilogram in weight which I thought was going to be huge, but obviously it got a lot smaller when it was cooking as you can see from the photo. It didn’t take a lot of preparation, I simply scored the top of it with a knife and rubbed in a bit of rapeseed oil (there are many benefits to using rapeseed oil for cooking, it’s worth swapping your usual olive oil for it) and then rubbed in some sea salt and cracked black pepper.

While the pork was cooking in the microwave, I prepared some potatoes by peeling them and then parboiling them. I then fluffed up the edges before tossing them in some hot oil with some garlic, salt and pepper and roasting them in the oven for around 45 minutes. I also prepared some fresh vegetables which we got from Aldi (they seem to be the freshest there!), we went for carrots, swede and broccoli. Once everything was ready I served them all with some pork gravy (it was Bisto, I didn’t feel creative enough to attempt to make my own!) and a bit of apple sauce. It all went down very well and now my parents have asked me to cook for them more often.


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