Here are some stats that should scare and excite you in equal measure:

– Instagram has 800 million monthly active users;

– There are 500 million daily active users;

– 60% log-in every day, making it the second most engaging platform;

– Over 30% of online users have an account.

Is it any wonder we like to floss on the Gram? Of course not! This is a world where showing off is second nature and most of us don’t want to disappoint. But, being this way isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sure, ‘experts’ will say it shows how the narcissism and vanity of humanity. But, they conveniently forget about the pros of living a picture perfect life. Here is a small selection.

The Dating Scene

One figure that is hard to collate is how many people get involved through social media. Dating apps are taking over, but don’t forget about the power of Instagram and Facebook Messenger. And, this doesn’t mean the creepy people that send weird messages after finding your Tinder profile. No, it means the cool men and women that follow and start productive convos after seeing something they love. A Go Smoke Free study shows that smoking pics get attention, and where would potential lovers look at these images other than Instagram? Flaunting online is a sure-fire way to get some much-needed attention.


Phantom Followers

Everyone has people who follow them that are total and utter strangers. If you walked past them in the street and they said “hi” you still wouldn’t notice. Still, the idea that most Instagram users are complete nobodies is nonsense. Take a look at the percentage of strangers to friends and family and you’ll see that you know more people than not. So, posting on social media isn’t showing off; it’s informative. Loved ones want to view photos of you enjoying yourself and having fun.





Anyway, who says you can’t show off every now and again? Haters will say it’s just vain and fake, but they are jealous. Looking at your posts makes them envious because they aren’t living the same life. Forget about them because they are an insignificant part of your life. Learning to show off is a very cathartic and stress-relieving activity because it teaches you not to care. Plus, it encourages self-love, and that isn’t as arrogant or egotistical as it sounds. Haters gonna hate, so don’t let them dictate your life.


Life Opportunities

Apart from sharing making you feel happy, it also alerts other people to your achievements. Now, passing your driving test may not make your followers take note, but there are lots of milestones to celebrate. For example, you may get a promotion at work or gain a new qualification. It’s amazing how many employers and head-hunters use the Gram to get in contact after viewing a person’s social media accounts. Not flossing could be the reason a better position goes to another, less qualified rival.

What do you think? Is showing off and posting on Instagram positive? Get in touch and voice your views.


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