When you shop for new clothes, to get your wardrobe revitalised, you have a choice to make: either you surround yourself with less quality and more quantity, or you surround yourself with high quality, excellent and fashionable clothing. The issue with getting many low-quality clothes is that they would make you always look ok at best, but never great. As they’re lower quality, they’ll need replacing more as they’ll deteriorate quicker than luxury items. There are many reasons why quality is advised over quantity. Getting fewer but higher quality clothes for the same price is the smart choice- and here are five reasons why.

They Become Classic and Timeless

You may, in your clothes shopping explorations, have come across one of the manufacturers of garments that are made to look second-hand off the shelf. Expensive fashion pieces quickly develop into classic items that achieve a timeless quality. Put another way, the quality of a good piece of clothing does not wash away with time. In fact, sometimes they can look even better with age. When you get a great coat or high-quality shoes, they’ll serve you for years and years. After a while, you’ll gather a good collection of great clothing simply because they remain in good shape for a long time.  

Value for Money

Often, we rush out to buy a specific item of clothing that needs replacing, or that is missing from our current wardrobe as the winter draws in. Whatever we buy in these moments is likely to be impulsively selected from the lower-quality section of clothing stores. The problem with these clothes is that they’ll barely last you a year before you’re rushing out to buy a further replacement. It’s far more smart economically to buy quality on the first occasion – you’ll achieve true value for money this way.

Well-Designed Items

This is something that’s often overlooked in the fickle world of fashion: the quality of a piece of clothing largely depends on the time taken designing the piece. The quality of the material matters, but also the skill of designers and workers. When you are paying for a high-quality wardrobe, you are getting something that is fine-tuned, with little details that count: shoes that don’t leak, coats that resist water, and scarves that stay soft year-round.

Quality Refines Your Wardrobe

Having a tonne of clothes is impractical in the sense that you’ll frequently be at a loss as to what you should adorn yourself with on a daily basis. It’s far more practical to have one quality coat that you wear throughout the winter, something like those offered on Gloverall, which you feel comfortable in, rather than an array that isn’t quite the look you would like to be seen in.

Value Demonstrates Itself

People are constantly evaluating each other. When you see someone for the first time, first impressions count and last. Would you rather be seen in an array of different winter clothes that appear second-rate, or in a quality set of winter garments (from your boots to your mittens) that display your fashion and class in one potent hit? The choice is yours.

Investing in high-quality clothes for winter is a smart, value-for-money choice that all clever wardrobe assemblers should make, so go ahead and make some smart investments today!


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