They say style is a global language, but that doesn’t mean all places are equal when it comes to fashion importance. Fashion now is a more global, cosmopolitan industry than ever. Below is a list of top fashion capitals across the globe.

  1. Paris- In 2015 Paris knocked New York from the number one spot to become the top fashion capital. The reasons for this are quite evident from the fact that many of the most famous fashion designers across the globe are from Paris. It is also home to many of the top fashion schools in the world. The world’s grandest fashion show is organised here bi-annually. Paris fashion week attracts most fashion royalty across the globe.
  2. New York- The US, and one of the world’s best fashion capital, New York has been always a tough competition for most of the other fashion capitals including Paris. When it comes to being a trendsetter New York is the place to be looking out for. Like Paris, New York also houses many of the top fashion schools in the world. People across the globe come here to learn the intricacies of the fashion world. New York fashion week is very famous and attracts the biggest names in fashion.
  3. London– It has always been steady in terms of the fashion industry. London has always been ridiculously innovative when it comes to fashion and has produced few of the finest designers in the world of fashion. Similar to Paris and New York it too has many of the top fashion schools. And has its own fashion week produced by the British Fashion Council.
  4. Milan- It hosts one of the most popular fashion weeks which hosts guests like Prada, Gucci, Dice and Roberto Cavalli. Milan Fashion Week is organised in the months of February and March for Spring-Summer collection and in the month of September to October for Fall-Winter collection.


The fashion industry is very attractive and attracts a lot of people across the globe. People follow these fashion week and like to follow the trend. Few of the brands like Prada, Gucci are very expensive. One can always earn money through free gaming sites online. Like one can play bingo online for free win big time. Europe is leading in the fashion industry with leading capitals like Paris, London and Milan.




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