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I’m off to Y Not Festival this weekend and the weather isn’t looking too great, so I need to make sure I pack the right things to avoid getting wet – there’s nothing worse than being absolutely soaked at a festival and not being able to dry off. I made that mistake when I went to Godiva festival a couple of years ago and I had to stand watching Embrace and then get two trains home dripping wet – it wasn’t pleasant!

There are a lot of outdoor events happening in the UK at this time of year but we can’t always guarantee the weather, so here’s a guide to help you if you’re attending something similar like The Open.


Unlike other events like Royal Ascot, The Open doesn’t have a dress code in place as such. However, given the nature of the sport itself — where players will dress smartly and appropriately — attendees will usually adopt a smart-casual dress code.

A classic golf shirt tucked into a pair of tailored chinos is a great choice for men. Loose-fitting sundresses or lightweight blouses and trousers work well for women. Avoid patterns and stick to neutral colours for a timeless look. Of course, if the weather is fine, you can easily swap your trousers for a pair of tailored shorts — and pack a waterproof jacket should the heavens open!

The essentials

The right clothing is essential — but preparing for The Open doesn’t end there. Here are the essentials you’ll need to take with you. Naturally, you won’t want to carry a huge, heavy backpack around with you all day, but the following items are all must-haves:


Of course, the British weather is unpredictable, so pack an umbrella to stay dry as you explore. If you’re going to The Open, don’t forget about that North West wind the course is exposed to — invest in a windproof umbrella for extra sturdiness. You won’t want to take an umbrella that’s going to turn inside out as soon as you put it up. 


On the flip side, you never know when the sun will make an appearance! Sunscreen is a must, even on days when it’s slightly cloudy. Apply it before you go and keep a travel-size bottle in your bag to top up your protection.


If the sun is in your eyes, you risk missing some of the action on the course. Take some sunglasses with you to keep your attention on the play or your favourite band on stage. 


Rain or shine, a hat will come in handy at any outdoor event. If the sun is shining then you will want to avoid getting burnt – there’s nothing worse than a sunburnt scalp, it’s unpleasant and painful and it doesn’t look great when it starts to peel!


The Open has created a downloadable app, which is available on all popular app stores. Spectators will be able to access live video and radio broadcasts, so organisers are advising guests to bring their headphones to take advantage of the streams.


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