An important part of a medical negligence claim is the payment. When a person hires the best medical negligence solicitors to help them get justice for the way that they were injured as a result of medical negligence, they will be thinking about payment.

With that in mind, here are four different ways that someone can pay their medical negligence solicitors and have a successful medical negligence claim.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal expenses insurance is referring to an insurance program that the patient is already enrolled in. These can be found in a variety of insurance policies, ranging from homeowners to motor, and can cover any legal fees. Some bank accounts and credit cards also offer this service. Before deciding to use this service and writing it down, however, there is another critical step.

It is important to show this policy to a solicitor who specialises in medical negligence claims. They will be able to tell the client whether or not their policies do, in fact, cover the incident that they want it to cover. If it does not cover the injury and fees completely, they may need to find another option, or be prepared to pay part of the costs of the claim out of their pockets.

No Win No Fee

The No Win No Fee system is also referred to as a CFA, or conditional fee arrangement. It was put into place in the late 1990s. The Legal Aid programme was put into place to ensure that everyone had an equal chance to received justice and financial compensation if they suffered medical negligence. However, this program cost the taxpayers quite a bit of money. When the Government realised this, the No Win No Fee system was created. It is still accessible to everyone as well, which was an important part of the original programme.

There are several advantages to using this system. One is that the client does not have to pay any fees until after their medical negligence lawyers have won their case. A practice like this opens up the possibility of dealing with medical negligence claims to people from a variety of financial backgrounds. This also means that the lawyers are candid about how likely it is that the case will be successful; they want to try cases that are going to be successful, not ones that will not be. However, they also will give legal advice and work on the initial research, regardless.

One potential downside to the no win no fee system is that the legal team can charge a large part of the final settlement from the medical malpractice case or a charge known as a success fee. However, a team will let you know what their rates are. Firms like The Medical Negligence Experts offer an array of information to help their clients make an informed decision about the different options available, so ensure you ask all questions that you need an urgent answer to. Some firms work exclusively on a No Win No Fee basis, so a prospective client should be sure to look for that information when dealing with medical negligence in the UK.

Own Money

If neither of these options appeal to the former patient, or if a solicitor rejects the case as unlikely to win, there is another option. The injured party can use their own private funds to pay for their claim. This can be expensive, as they will need to have to pay a variety of different team members. The solicitor will also need to be hourly. However, like when using the No Win No Fee system, a good team of solicitors will give their client the best advice that they can offer them. They will also work just as hard to help that client win their claim.


A fourth and final option to help a client pay for their medical negligence claim is to use their union, especially if the injury impacts their ability to work. If someone is involved in a trade and are part of that union, there may be funds available in that organisation to help cover expenses. The main job of a union is to help protect the people who belong to it, as well as helping to make their lives better in various ways.

Some unions offer legal advice, financial assistance, and other services to their members. Like using insurance, however, someone who is considering getting assistance through their union should familiarise themselves with their union’s unique policies, and consult with an expert solicitor. This will help protect the injured party and mean that they will not have to worry about where the fees are coming from.

There are a variety of ways to pay for a medical negligence claim. Whether a person uses the No Win No Fee, utilises their union, taps into their personal money, or has insurance covering their situation, there are different ways to effectively work with a team of solicitors to achieve justice for their injuries.


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