One of the main advantages to owning your own property is that you are able to do what you want with it. The problem with rented property is that you can’t redecorate. You can’t rip out the horrible 70s bathroom suite and replace it with something modern. You can’t design and landscape the garden to suit you.

When I finally manage to buy my own house, there are two rooms that I am really excited to design and decorate. Those two rooms are the kitchen and the bathroom. The other rooms in the house will just be a case of painting or wallpapering and buying furniture. When you are redoing your bathroom, you choose what it is going to look like and it will have to stay that way for years. It’s an expensive job to do.

Although I am years off buying my own house, I do have a look on Pinterest and have got a whole board dedicated to bathrooms. I really like light and airy bathrooms. A big white bath and plants decorating the room, giving off a kind of wilderness vibe. I also like big, ornate baths. Baths with feet that you would expect to find in a stately home or fancy hotel room. Big marble baths that you need a step up to get into. Fancy jacuzzi baths that you can relax in for hours. Basically, anything that is not the plain, narrow, beige bath that I have at my parents house now.

I like more modern looking bathrooms. Something with a pop of colour, white tiles with a colourful wall. My favourite colours for bathrooms is bright yellow, dark green and dark blue. I love bathrooms that have a theme. My friend Haydy has a nautical theme in her bathroom which looks great without being gimmicky. Having a colour theme for your bathroom and buying towels that go with that theme is a great idea. This really helps to tie the room together. You could have dark green walls, a white bathroom suite and then add yellow towels to finish off the look.

If you don’t have a lot of space to play with in your bathroom, then don’t worry! Floor tiles can really make a bathroom look great, especially if you use patterned ones and have plain coloured walls. I especially like the look of black and white patterned floors, I think that is a great modern look. Designing a bathroom can be so much fun. If you need some help then you can get your bathroom designed by the experts at Harrogate bathroom showrooms.

Like I said, I have been using Pinterest a lot recently and I’ve got some good bathroom ideas from there. They are all in one place, so if you want to have a look at what I like, check out the board below. I am sure that I will be adding to it a lot.


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