Are you looking to get cozy in your bedroom, but want to do it on a budget?  Well look no further, we have come up with a few solutions to make your bedroom the place where you can relax and unwind, without worrying about breaking the bank.  

Start with the Bed

The first place we recommend starting with is your bedding.  Sheets will make or break your sleep, so they are not the area we suggest scrimping on.  If you have a little bit extra to spend, this is where you should do it.  Choose a set of sheets that are designed to accommodate your sleep style.  What does that mean?  Well, do you sleep alone or with a partner or kids? Do you tend to get hot, or tend to prefer a warmer material to keep the chilly air at bay?  We often lean towards one criterion, and that is thread count.  But after reviewing the information at hand, we now know there is more to making a super sleeping choice.

Texture & Layer

When you are in your room, regardless of whether you spend your time on the bed or in your favorite cozy chair, you need to have cozy things to cuddle up with.  Are you a seamstress in disguise?  Cut up old tee shirts into squares and sew together for the coziest of blankets.  Choose soft cotton and silks for lighter coverage, but folding up blankets and layering around your room provides a great way for you to get comfort any time. You can never have too many blankets or pillows to crash into with a good book. And if your four-legged friends tend to spend time with you in bed, make sure that they have their own blanket.  We recommend this for the ultimate in coziness!  

Layer photos on the wall using washi tape, hang up favorite postcards from a string using clothespins, or maybe a gorgeous piece of paper can be framed to give your walls warmth.  


If one overhead light is your only lamp, consider a tableside or floor lamp that gives off a softer glow for ambience and relaxation.  You can drape light colored scarves over the lamp for added effect.  Be sure to do a safety check and ensure that the material is not touching the bulb which can get hot.  This trick is not for halogen lights or other lights that might pose an issue.  Using candles for low light and delightful scents can also be a budget friendly way to incorporate cozy.  

Floors & Rugs

When you walk on your floor, having a soft place to land is critical to the cozy factor.  If you can’t afford new carpeting or have hardwood floors, get a bunch of small throw rugs which are really budget friendly and layer them for a softer and fresh look.  They are also easy to replace if one gets a stain or tear!


Bluetooth speakers provide the musical ambience that is also necessary for a cozy space.  You just do not get the same effect by playing your phone on speaker or using headphones.  These small wonders are available in a plethora of sizes and budgets, so look around and choose one that fits your space.


Cozy doesn’t come easily with bright, bold colors.  It is ok to have a pop of color throughout your room, but if you are looking for a place to settle down your mind and spirit, choose a color that is light, pale, and easy to transform with décor rather than repainting.  If you are unable to paint over a wall, look into larger tapestries or peel and stick wallpaper that can give you a more relaxing tone.  We like pale peaches and pinks along with lighter blues…but our all-time favorite is a nice soft white.


No need to purchase all brand-new furniture.  You can take two routes with this suggestion.  Thrift store finds like new with a coat of fresh paint – any leftovers from the wall?  Or, take a piece of plywood or old headboard and recover it with a soft and fresh fabric that gives you more texture on the walls and an additional focal point.  


Turn off the electronics and go to the used book store for bedside reading.  Or better yet – and the ultimate in budget friendly – go to the library!  

Bedside Tables

Speaking of bedside reading, make sure that you have a table by your bed.  Any small table will do, or stack up items and put a tray on top for a solid place to rest your books and glasses.  Again, use up any leftover paint for a softer finish, or this would be a great place to put that pop of color that is less of a distraction and more of a feature.  

And finally….

We love the idea of fresh lavender which can be purchased at most garden centers during the growing season.  Pot up one of these super budget friendly plants and enjoy the gorgeous blooms and scent that is known for inducing relaxation.  Sweet dreams!

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