Today’s Christmas gift guide is again from Notino, but this time features luxury beauty products that every beauty lover would be pleased to receive. I know that I would be happy to find any of these underneath the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, especially that Jo Malone candle!

Caudalie Resveratrol [Lift] Gift Set Caudalie is a French brand and they produce some really lovely skincare, I always make sure I stock up when I go to Paris. This skincare set is perfect for aging skin and would really suit someone who is looking for anti-aging products to add to their skincare routine.

Vera Wang Princess – This is one of my favourite perfumes and I have had my bottle for a few years now. As well as the bottle being really pretty, this has a gorgeous scent including a mixture of waterlily, apricot, dark chocolate, amber, musk and vanilla.

Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay candle – I’m such a big fan of Jo Malone and I own four of her perfumes. One day I would love to own one of the giant candles as they all smell so fantastic! This Blackberry and Bay one would be a brilliant gift for anyone who’s into luxury fragrances.

Caudalie Deep Cleansing mask – Another Caudalie product, but they’re just so good! I’ve never tried their masks but I can imagine that this one would be really good at cleansing the skin and keeping pesky spots at bay. Doing a facemask on Christmas evening after stuffing yourself full of so much yummy food is a good way to wind down.

Chanel Precision Body Excellence body cream – Is there anything more luxurious than Chanel? How about a Chanel body cream? This is the perfect gift for any beauty lover and certainly beats any other body cream that you’d usually get in a gift set at Christmas. Imagine having a nice bath on Christmas day and then using this, you’d smell and feel like a million dollars.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Nourishing Care for lips – Again, another Chanel product but they are the ultimate in luxury beauty and you can’t get any better than a Chanel lip balm. This small pot may not look like much but it will keep your lips moisturised and protected from the elements, plus whoever you gift this to will feel great pulling it out of their handbag.


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