Men are notoriously hard to buy for – I always struggle when it comes to buying for them, especially for my dad. Every Christmas I ask him what he wants and he always tells me he doesn’t want anything or to just save my money – it would be a lot easier if I had a straight answer from him! I’ve been having a look online and have found a few items that I think would be suitable for the men I know and hopefully it will help you out too.

Christmas jumper – Okay, this can only be worn once a year (or for the whole of December) but who doesn’t love a Christmas jumper? There’s nothing better than sitting around the dinner table, tucking into your turkey while everyone is wearing a Christmas jumper and one of those ridiculous paper hats from a cracker that never seem to fit on anybody’s head.

Stranger Things ‘Eleven’ Funko Pop – With the return of Stranger Things, there’s been an increase in available merchandise. From tshirts to mugs to Funko Pops. I know that my brother really likes Stranger Things and he collects the Funko Pops too, so who would be a better choice than Eleven?

Checked scarf – Clothes are something that men don’t seem to buy themselves and accessories are even rarer. Everyone needs a good scarf to keep them warm in this bitter cold weather and River Island Menswear has a great selection.

Tom Ford Black Orchid gift set – Aftershave gift sets are a no brainer. Find out what fragrance the men in your life enjoy and then hunt down a gift set. At this time of year you can get so many gift sets which are a great value for money, so all you need to do is find one that suits your man’s needs.

The Smiths vinyl – Vinyls are making a comeback and so many people are now choosing them over CDs. If the man you’re buying for has a record player, find out what his favourite album is and buy it in vinyl format. He’d really appreciate it!

Shaving Kit for Men – If your man isn’t sporting a fashionable beard, then chances are they will appreciate a good grooming set. This one from The Body Shop has everything they need to prepare for a close shave.




  1. December 14, 2017 / 2:13 pm

    great ideas, especially the Christmas jumper! 🙂

  2. December 14, 2017 / 4:08 pm

    I didn’t realise they were doing Stranger Things characters as Funko Pops! Both my other half and I love Stranger Things, and also have a few of the Funko Pops between us. I agree, men are so difficult to buy for. I think vinyl is such a good idea. I wish I had thought of that! If I didn’t already have his present I would get him a record player, I know he would love it. You’ve given me a great idea for his birthday though – thanks!

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