Seeing as I was a young girl myself once (many years ago!), you’d think that I would find it easy enough to put together a gift guide for them. Well, it turns out that young girls want different things to what I would have been asking for 18 years ago. I remember getting a CD player for my room and a giant Winnie The Pooh stuffed toy when I was 10 years old. Nowadays, kids all seem to have iPads and are into makeup thanks to YouTube. 

Shearling Lined Aviator Jacket – I used to always ask for a new coat for Christmas when I was younger. It was somewhat of a tradition, going back to school in January proudly wearing my new coat. I love this shearling one from New Look and I have a similar one myself, however this one is on offer for only £11.99 at the moment! What a bargain!

Polar Bear ear muffs – Again, this is something I would have asked for. I remember having a pair of 101 Dalmatians ear muffs which were my pride and joy until my dad stepped on them and broke them! When it’s winter, these do a great job of keeping your ears warm and the cute polar bears make them just a bit nicer than your average fluffy ones.

Cath Kidston Mickey and Minnie pencil case – The Cath Kidston Disney collaborations are always a big hit and this pencil case is great for anyone who’s at school.

Cath Kidston metallic satchel backpack – How perfect would this backpack be for school? Cath Kidston bags are really good quality and this silver satchel backpack is just so pretty.

Girls Dream Perfume – I remember getting my very first proper perfume (It was Armani Red Jeans) and I was so excited, I felt so grown up. River Island kids have a great selection on perfumes that would be perfect as a first one.

Pete the Pug bluetooth speaker – I’ve heard that bluetooth speakers are especially popular these days as every kid seems to have a smart phone – they’re the new CD player! This cute pug one would definitely go down well if you have a young girl to buy for and it’s not too expensive either, priced at just £20.

Beauty and The Beast tea set – With the popularity of Beauty and the Beast this year with the release of the live action film, everyone is going mad for Chip and Mrs Potts. This tea set would look great on a young girl’s dressing table as an ornament.


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