Everyone is obsessed with Instagram at the moment. Even though engagement is rubbish and nobody likes the algorithm, it’s still everyone’s favourite social media platform. People are always trying to get the best shots for their grid and you often see the same thing over and over again.

Luckily, the UK is home to plenty of weird and wonderful landmarks.
Check out what hidden gems you’ve missed on your trips around the UK and get them selfied and uploaded the next time you’re in the neighbourhood.

Smallest police station
Next time you’re in London, forget Big Ben and the London Eye and make sure you head over to the south-east corner of Trafalgar Square and get a photo outside the Britain’s smallest police station! It’s been around since 1926 and was built from a hollowed-out lamppost to help policemen keep an eye on protests — very common in Trafalgar Square.
Amazingly, you can fit up to two prisoners inside here at a time and it also had a direct phoneline to Scotland Yard, just in case assistance was needed. Although today it’s used as a broom cupboard for the Westminster Council, Britain’s smallest police station is the ideal size and location for a selfie and it’s an unusual photo for your Instagram!

Ketley Crag Rock
If you like hiking and exploring, Northumberland is a top destination and makes for some epic shots. Even when the weather is crisp and cold like it is at the moment, you can enjoy a walk to Ketley Crag Rock — home to mysterious cup and ring carvings that have recently been named as Ancient Monuments by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.
Even today, experts don’t know what the complex patterns mean, although they do know that they were created between 3800 BC and 1500 BC. This is great if you’re a history or Archaeology nerd like I am!

The Pineapple
An exotic fruit crowning one of the UK’s oldest buildings is definitely worth an Insta-upload. Built in 1761 by the Earl of Dunmore (a village in Falkirk, Scotland), The Pineapple is an eccentric summerhouse surrounded by a walled garden. It’s not what you’d usually expect to be visiting when you’re in Scotland, is it?
But why a pineapple? During the 1700s, the Earl of Dunmore was serving as governor in the state of Virginia, where sailors would leave pineapples on gateposts to announce their safe return from sea. After returning home, the joker Earl Dunmore decided to bring this tropical custom to Scotland in a more permanent fashion. Pineapples are actually a bit of a trend on Instagram so you’ll get all the likes on this one!


Alnwick Treehouse
If you’re like me and all you ever wanted was a treehouse as a kid but never got one, now’s your chance to experience what it’s like to live in the branches. The Treehouse in Alnwick Garden is one of the largest wooden treehouses in the world; made from Canadian cedar, Scandinavian redwood, and UK pine.
Sitting way up high and connected by rope bridges, you can eat, drink and be merry before and after snapping your Insta photo anywhere around this incredible structure. How amazing would the shots be from the top of this?

Smallest House
Measuring 72 inches across, 120 inches deep and 122 inches in height; this Welsh property has been officially declared the country’s littlest abode by the Guinness Book of Records. It’s teeny tiny but amazingly , 19th-century couples actually lived here — however comfortably — although, it was last occupied in 1900. This looks way too small for me with all of my belongings and there’s literally no room to swing a cat.
The UK’s smallest home, which you can find in Conwy, is bound to get your like-rate soaring on Instagram.

Angel of the North
This is one that I’ve actually managed to s I for myself although it was from the motorway so I wasn’t able to get a good shot of it. Weighing 200 tonnes, taller than four double-decker buses and boasting the wingspan of a jumbo jet; the Angel of the North welcomes the South into Gateshead, Newcastle and beyond.
The creative design of this iconic structure — which cleverly combines aviation with divinity — attracts more than 150,000 people a year and it is even believed to be the world’s biggest angel sculpture! Anthony Gormley’s sculptures are always a big hit on instagram.


The Headington Shark
This crazy rooftop structure is perfect for Instagram, so we recommend making a diversion if you’re on your way to or from London – it’s definitely worth adding a bit of extra time onto your journey.
Essentially, the Headington Shark is a large statue fixed head-first into the roof of someone’s home in Headington, Oxford. It’s made from painted fibreglass and has become one of the town’s most famous residents since its installation in 1986. Despite legal battles to get the shark removed on health and safety grounds, it’s persevered and now, people from all over the UK stop by to get a selfie with the shark. While you’re there you can get some nice photos of the local architecture too!

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    Such a fab blog post, your Instagram page is really original, I love the idea of posting things that are a bit different. You seem to have an arty flair about you, that cat hot chocolate looks so good too!! 🙂 xx

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