Traveling can be both delightful and cumbersome all in one moment.  Like most things, preparation is the key to a smooth trip and can honestly make or break even the most well-seasoned travellers.  So, with that in mind, and a list of things that we think will help you to be ready for what comes at you, we have come up with a few things that we think are must haves on your packing list.

Travel Bag

We have listed the travel purse first because it is that important.  You can worry about checking luggage or how big your carry on is, but if you do not have the proper purse for carrying around your necessities on a day to day basis, you will constantly be struggling to find pockets or extra hands.  You should look for a bag that is front facing – we have heard too many stories about backpacks being pulled off or ripped and unzipped with items stolen.  Multiple pockets that zip shut is our preference and an adjustable strap.  Some people are comfortable going with a fanny pack or back pack, but we tend to lean towards a cross body bag with a lightweight material that is easily cleaned.

Mobile Travel Charger & Adapters

For larger items like a laptop, you’ll want a backup battery.  But if you are not traveling for business, or do not need to carry a laptop or notebook, then you will only need to focus on a mobile travel charger. With this suggestion, you can find a varying and dizzying amount of options to choose from.  We recommend choosing a mobile charger that is wireless and able to accommodate a multitude of your electronics.  In this case, less is definitely more.

A converter and adaptor set is necessary for international travel.  You need to the adaptor so that your plug will fit into the outlet of the country that you are visiting, and you need the adaptor to convert the electronic input/output so the appropriate wattage.  Do your research and only bring what you need.  There is no need to pack the South American adaptor if you are hitting up London for a week.  Also, do a quick search on your phone and other electronics for the convertor info, or call the manufacturer – some products have a built-in converter.


Traveling with headphones gives you a few options.  You have the airplane entertainment on your mobile device – airplanes are not as likely to give out the free headphones anymore.  You can listen to music to pass long layovers, or provide you with podcast entertainment.  Long walks in any new location can be made all the better by the perfect soundtrack.  And our favorite headphone bonus, wearing them to avoid making small talk with the person seated next to us.  

Travel blanket

A travel blanket is a smaller and more lightweight blanket that can double as many things.  You can cover your eyes when you are on the plane, you are able to cover up your body while you are chilly on a plane or in an airport, and you can roll it up like a pillow to lean your head on anywhere.  The travel blanket is for both men and women, and one of our favorite options is the Turkish towel.  

Personal Care Pouch

This is more of a made-up item that we love, rather than something that you need to purchase.  We take a small pouch or purse – or even a sandwich size plastic bag and put a few things in there that we want to have in our carry on.  These include a few bandages of varying sizes, safety pins, and travel sized lotions that we never seem to use up or forget about at home.  If you want to take your favorite perfume, go to the store ahead of time and ask for samples.  Does your trip need you to be ready for possible primping?  Soak a few cotton balls in nail polish remover and put in their own sealed bag. This bag can be thrown in at the last minute and does not have to be fancy.  We also like to include lip balm and a spray bottle with water and a few drops of essential oil in it for on the go face spritzing.

Oh! And one more thing….

Before you go, download all the apps that you will need from your airline – this includes the in-flight entertainment app that cannot be downloaded once in flight.  We found out about that 15 minutes into a six-hour flight.  The airline app is different but equally important as you can be alerted to flight delays and changes.  



  1. chichi
    September 25, 2017 / 10:18 am

    ah such a great tip to download the airline app, mostly people don’t!

  2. September 25, 2017 / 10:48 am

    Wet wipes! So useful for any situation and always my travel essential.

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