Before you take the right of passage by going off to University, it’s sensible to get organised first and plan the right moves. While choosing the latest fashions to take with you is certainly not a bad idea, there are other more important considerations that come before that.

Here are 4 things that will better prepare you before attending your initial class at University.

Research Where You’ll Situate Yourself

Let’s pick a location to help you envision this preparation. Bristol for example is a lovely city with a great energy about it, but when considering moving to somewhere like Bristol you need to organise your plans. Are you looking for an apartment or a home? What’s in your budget?

For example when you’re looking for Bristol student accommodation but are interested in the luxury end of the market, then there are a small number of options. The Almero Student Mansions are one such option ( with access to several houses offering separate studios or flats for discerning renters who wish to be comfortable while they study.

Once you’ve picked a place, orient yourself within Bristol if you’re new to the city and don’t know your way around yet. There are city guides aimed at anyone new to the city which are more useful than travel guides.

Plan a Holiday with Your Mates

Once you’re settled on where you’re going to stay, it’s time to plan a last-minute getaway with your mates before getting down to 3+ years of academic duties. Before you must worry about curriculums and papers and exams, enjoy some summer sun away from it all. If you’re not going to university in the same city as your friends, then it’ll be a while until you can meet up again. Also, if you go on holiday before you start studying, you might not need to delay completion of your degree by taking a gap year.

Learn to Take Care of Yourself

Have you never done your own laundry? Separating whites from colours? In which case, it’s time to learn! Can you iron a shirt or blouse, or have you never done that before? Again, time to learn! Mother won’t be there to take care of everything while you’re away being a dutiful student. Sad, but true.

Learning to cook is a useful skill to have. Luxury student accommodation includes a well-equipped kitchen to prepare sumptuous meals. Whether you wish to impress a date you just met at Uni or you don’t want to order up a food delivery from Deliveroo or Just Eat because the restaurant calories are overly generous, being able to cook up more than a pot noodle is worth the time to learn how.

Get the Reading Materials Early

If you’re someone who doesn’t want the electronic version of textbooks for University or the eBook is not available, then it’s a good idea to buy the latest editions of each title as soon as possible. Leaving it too late can mean the print run is sold out and you’ll waste valuable time trying to hunt down a remaining copy that you can use before the first class starts.

Unless you’re totally loaded, you should have some idea about your spending budget once you’re on campus. If you will need to find a part-time job to bring in some income after classes, then it’s a good idea to scout out the local job market online and apply for some positions before you arrive. Being as prepared as possible before you relocate will make the process far easier and will allow you to focus on your studies sooner.


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