Given that there are a ton of different beauty and skin care products on the market that you could purchase, how do you decide what to get? Some people decide based on how much a product costs, others based on which company made them, but we’d like to offer a third and hopefully decisive criterion: how organic a product is.

Here are three reasons why you should switch to organic skin care products:


Overall, 100% natural and organic skin care products are much safer than chemical based ones, which is why retailers like Well Within Beauty can be so dependable. Most inorganic skin care products contain a plethora of harmful ingredients such as dioxins, alcohols, formaldehydes, and phenoxyethanol to name a few, that may lead to eczema, increased allergic reactions, and even a heightened risk for cancer. In fact, some of these ingredients have even been banned from cosmetic products (such as phenoxyethanol in Japan).

Conversely, organic skin care products are made with pure and natural ingredients that are much safer and gentler to the skin. Organic products have been proven to be less irritating to skin, and are made with ingredients with little to no unwanted side-effects or harms. Products from companies like are much gentler, and will make your skin happier than a harsh, conventional, chemical-based product.

More Bang for Your Buck

Whether it be an organic product or an inorganic product, a moisturizer will still moisturize your skin, and a toner will still fight acne. A considerable difference between the two, however, is that an organic product will give you more than just moisturized skin or a clean face. Because these products are made from natural ingredients, they contain a plethora of nutrients and vitamins that in addition to doing the product’s job, can revitalize and boost your skin’s health. Cocoa butter, for example, is a leading organic moisturizer because it contains healthy fatty acids that are essential in making skin healthier.

Better for the Environment

A big problem with conventional beauty and skin care products is that they rely heavily on petroleum-based substances and ingredients. These ingredients, along with the other harsh chemicals present in these products such as aluminum or lead are very harmful to the environment and contribute to the worsening problems that our world is facing. Aluminum for example, is a key ingredient in one of the most commonly used skin-care products – antiperspirants. Aluminum mining and refinement is unfortunately one of the most expensive and harmful processes done to produce consumer products. Organic products are less harmful to the environment, require less energy to make, and don’t require a plethora of processes that are slowly killing the planet to make.

All in all, organic skin care products provide as many benefits as conventional products do, but don’t come with as many risks and harms. They’re healthier, safer, more cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly, so the next time you go out to buy a bottle of lotion, a stick of deodorant, or a bar of soap, consider choosing an organic brand instead for your skin care needs.



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