I’ve recently been trying to have a clear out – I have so much stuff that I’ve collected over the years and most of it I don’t even use. I’ve been going home once a week or so and spending some time in my bedroom sorting things out that I don’t need any longer. Having a good clear out every so often can be so good for you, I always feel better when I’ve got rid of loads of things.


The first thing I sorted out was clothing – my wardrobe was overflowing and I had so many things in there that I hadn’t worn for ages. I started off by getting rid of anything that hadn’t been worn for more than a year and then I went through the remaining items and I was quite ruthless, getting rid of a lot of things that I couldn’t see myself wearing in the next few months. I’ve either donated my clothes to charity shops, taken them to a Cash 4 Clothes where you get 50p per kilogram or have sold them on eBay. I’ve also done the same with my shoes and bags – I had way too many pairs of shoes that I haven’t worn since I was in university.


I do read a lot, however once I’ve read a book it is unlikely that I will want to read it again (or not for a few years at least), so I had a look through my book collection and donated most of them to charity. Of course, I kept my special books such as my Harry Potter collection and some Enid Blyton books that are almost a hundred years old, they’ve been put in storage in the garage and to make room for them, we’ve made sure we have put all of the tools away in specialist garage equipment from SGS Engineering.


Being a blogger, I’ve amassed so many samples that they’ve taken over my bedroom. As well as samples, I’ve also ended up buying so many different products thanks to other bloggers and youtubers. I spent one afternoon going through my IKEA Helmer drawers and have put aside the samples and products that I will definitely use again and the others have gone to friends and family.


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