Over the past decade or so, Singapore has quietly established itself as one of the leading trade countries in the Asian region. The very first image that comes into one’s mind when mentioning Singapore is a bunch of suited-up men carrying their fancy briefcases travelling around the town in shiny cars, swiping over their expensive phones. But that’s not all that you will see in Singapore. In fact, Singapore remains one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. Its natural beauty is bound to leave tourists spellbound and wanting to come back for more. The streets are perfectly clean, and the parks lush green, complemented by an all year round cool breezy weather. View Post

It doesn’t feel like we’ve had much of a summer really, does it? I know there’s still a couple of weeks left of August but the weather isn’t brilliant at the moment and I’ve not felt warm enough to get out the new sandals that I bought for this summer. I’m really looking forward to autumn as usual, I can’t wait to get out my scarves (I have the biggest collection!) and I really enjoy the darker, autumn colours when it comes to fashion and beauty. My go-to place for bargain beauty bits is of course Notino which I’ve been browsing recently and I’ve found so many different products that I can’t wait to get for the colder months.  View Post