Work. Parenting. Family. Work. Friends. Work. Social Media. Work. The Media….. This is a list of things that can cause us to be stressed beyond our wildest dreams. The number of people being diagnosed with anxiety and depression is at an all-time high, the GPs are stretched to their limit and we are living in an age of instant gratification where we want an instant fix.

But aren’t we all missing the point? There isn’t a quick fix for being eternally balanced. There is little to no room in our lives for spirituality but even embracing it in the smallest way can have an enormous impact on our self-esteem and outlook on life – not to mention our emotional and mental health.

You don’t have to become wildly immersed in your daily horoscope or book in with a palm reader to gain some inner peace, there are small steps that can be taken each day to ease the pressure of everyday life.

We are waaaaaaay too self-involved and when you think about it, we are all a part of a big universe and the energy it possesses. Sometimes we need a little help from the universe, and being spiritual is just a way to harness the energy.

Create a Spiritual Alter

Don’t be put off by the word ‘alter’! All this is, is a prominent space within your home that holds items of personal importance that you feel connected too – items that you feel represent your spirituality. Photos of loved ones, natural items such as plants, shells or crystals like amethyst and rose quartz or any precious items that hold meaning.

The space that you decide should be in an area that you naturally spend a lot of time at. Light candles and incense to clear the area. Burning dried sage in the area is an ancient tradition of clearing any negativity from a space, and that includes yourself! If you have been anxious or worried, ‘bathing’ yourself in the smoke from the sage helps you to clear yourself of any negative energy you were holding on to.

If anything, a spiritual alter will be a daily reminder of all the positivity in your life, and what you have to be grateful for. If you are feeling SUPER open to the idea, you could even list the things that you are grateful for each day when you are at the alter.

This brings me nicely onto my next point….


The first time you do this, you are going to feel like a lunatic.

The power that language holds is undervalued, and mantras serve to slow down the thought process, focus our energy and enable us to find some inner peace.

Focus on what you want to achieve that day, it could just be one thing like, “I will pass that exam” or “I will get that piece of work finished” or even, “Today is going to be a great day”. To go as far as envisaging yourself and what you feel like; the law of attraction is strong and if you put good vibes out there it’s going to be returned…right? Just try it, you don’t even have to say your mantra out load, just repeat it in your head!

If you still aren’t convinced, you could try writing morning notes. This a practice of writing 3 pages of notes each morning; it doesn’t have to make any logical, linear sense, it’s just a practice of clearing your mind and relieving anything trivial or worrying that you had on your mind.

If you are feeling very negative, burning the pages then cleanses your thoughts and energy of the negativity to give you a little added support.


As a society, we are obsessed with material possessions and their worth. So much so, that we become physically and emotionally overwhelmed with everything around us. I recently decided to detox my life. The digital detox merely started with the amount of screen time that I was getting, it was just ridiculous, so I decided that enough was enough and I made a rule that once I was at home I didn’t need to be attached to my phone. Endless scrolling through social media viewing peoples perfect ‘snapshots’ or becoming involved in meaningless WhatsApp conversations wasn’t doing anything for me. Instead decided to try and rebalance; replacing bright lights with comforting candles, lighting incense and having a bath with Dead Sea Salts did me wonders. I was so relaxed afterwards that all I did was have some fresh mint tea (by this mean mint leaves and hot water) and fell asleep!

I also did a home detox, I just had so much stuff that I didn’t need. I’m still wading though some of the bits I want to sell. I’m naturally a hoarder but my quest for a simple life meant that I gave a lot of my clothes, furniture, household items to a homeless shelter.

I had built up an unhealthy amount of photos and documents on my phone too, and whilst I was uploading them to my PC and deleting the various screenshots I had been sent, I came across photos that I forgot I had taken. In the name of spreading the ‘clutter free’ message, I decided to put them all in one place as gifts for friends. It wasn’t entirely selfless if I’m honest….I knew that if I ever deleted my copy then someone else had them!

Even the digital clear out had a profound impact, maybe it was the act of a mass deletion but I definitely let out a deep breath.

Reconnect With Nature

Yes – disconnect with the digital realm for a short time and reconnect with nature. It’s vital that we realise that we are compromised of the same material as everything else in the universe and there are many facts that marry human beings with nature. For instance, the percentage of water on the planet is the same percentage of water in our bodies. Our bodies’ circadian rhythm is perfectly in tune with the cycles of night and day and the air we breathe is provided by the plants around us….

Taking the time to spend sometimes outdoor and appreciate your surroundings can aid you in your quest for inner peace. Taking the time to be outdoors at dawn or dusk, at night under the stars and breathe in fresh air – It puts any worries into perspective.

You may think that becoming more spiritual is daunting and unknown, but it really boils down clearing out the unnecessary clutter in your life, despite what and where it might be. In becoming more open to the universe you will undoubtedly find yourself, content calm and fully embracing life at its very best.

This is a guest post


summer-spend infographic

When looking for a summer holiday, we tend to consider a lot of different factors when choosing a destination –  a few examples include what the weather is like at the time of year you want to go, what the food is like, what the entertainment is like at the resorts, how long it takes to get there and perhaps the most important factor is how much it costs for not just the holiday but for things once you are there.

It’s well known that a lot of the countries in Eastern Europe are a lot cheaper than places in Western Europe. As the above infographic from Swift Money shows, Bulgaria and Hungary are way cheaper than Spain although Thailand is even cheaper, so it may be worth shelling out a bit extra for those long haul flights.

What’s important to you when you are picking out a holiday destination?


While the British summer can sometimes be a washout, this year is set to be hot and sunny, and we could have heat waves on the way. Because the UK doesn’t get much sunshine, we simply aren’t used to it, and many of us don’t know how to cope with the heat. Here are a few simple tips to get you through the hottest of days, and keep you feeling good.

Look for loose, cool clothing

It’s exciting to start picking out your summer wardrobe, but be careful when it comes to fabrics and fit. In a heatwave you should avoid wearing synthetic fabrics, and look for materials that are cool and loose. Cotton is great during the summer, and wearing things that are baggy rather than fitted will stop you feeling so sweaty.

Cut down on alcohol

The hot weather can mean lots of days in pub gardens, festivals, and BBQs, all of which involve drinking. Unfortunately, drinking on hot days is more likely to lead to dehydration, and starting to drink during the daytime means you’re more likely to overdo it. The balmy days of summer combined with alcohol and a festival atmosphere can also lead to high-risk behavior such as unprotected sexual activity, so make sure you use protection.

Try to space your drinks out if you can. Alternate between alcoholic drinks and water if you’re having a long day to night drinking session. You could also make some low alcoholic cocktails, or buy light beers and low alcohol wine to drink with lunch. This means you can still enjoy the social aspects of drinking, without doing something embarrassing.

Get plenty of rest

A heatwave can mean lack of sleep, and it’s common to see lots of very tired looking people in the summer. You can get better sleep on hot nights by:

  • Wearing a sleep mask to block sunlight
  • Swapping your duvet for crisp cotton sheets
  • Investing in a cooling pillow
  • Drink a small glass of water before bed

Look after your general health

Lots of medical conditions can be made worse by the heat, so make sure you look out for symptoms and talk to the Lloyds Pharmacy online doctor or GP if necessary. From asthma to hay fever to STIs the summer can bring many medical issues, so take care of yourself.

Protect your skin

With products such as SPF foundations and spray on sunscreen, it’s never been easier to take care of your skin. Start shopping for sun protection products now so you have time to try them out before a heatwave. Don’t forget that you can sunburn even on cloudy days.

Whether you love the carefree summer months or find them tiring, it’s important to have a plan in place to look after your health. The summer can mean fun and relaxation, but it can also mean dealing with sleepless nights and allergies, so put a plan in place now for coping with a heatwave. Remember, it’s always best to be ahead of the crowd, so get stocked up on summer clothes and buy yourself a fan now and you’ll avoid the rush.



My friend is getting married in two month’s time and it’s also my mom’s graduation around the same time, so if that isn’t an excuse to get a new dress, I don’t know what is! As there will be a different group of people at each event, I can get away with just buying the one dress and wearing it twice! I have looked at dresses for this wedding before but I still haven’t got around to choosing one. I’ve booked the hotel though, so that’s a start!

As both occasions are in July, hopefully the weather will be quite nice. I’ve probably jinxed it now by saying that but as long as it doesn’t rain, we can class it as nice in the UK! I don’t know about you, but for the summer I just really love florals and I think that a summer wedding is the perfect excuse to get out the floral dresses. Quiz have a lot of great going out dresses – as you can see I’ve been favouring the peachy coral colours when I’ve been looking through them and picking out my favourites. I think my favourite of the three that I have picked is the grey and cream one on the right. I just love the cami style and the detailing on the black. I also love the grey triangle background, it’s a bit different to the usual floral dresses yet is still really nice and would look smart.

What would you wear to a summer wedding?