House-Of-Fraser-Mens-ShortsI was recently contacted by the team at House of Fraser who challenged me to dress my boyfriend for the day. As I’ve mentioned before, my boyfriend mainly wears black jeans and a tshirt but as it’s summer I thought I would have a look at some men’s shorts which would work a lot better in the warmer weather.

Simple blue denim shorts will go with anything, as will black chino shorts. I really like the black and white fingerprint shirt, I love a bit of monochrome and it would look great with some colourful trainers for a pop of colour, I feel like it would also work for smarter occasions with a blazer over the top. The red and white striped tshirt reminds me a bit of Where’s Wally? and also a beach deckchair but in a good way of course. I think the stripes and the colour combination are so summery and would work with either pair of shorts.

I’m really into military style jackets and I love this khaki bomber jacket which would be great for cooler evenings and the transition into autumn. Trilogy stores have a women’s one which I’ve been eyeing up for myself!


12Now I’ve finally paid off my trip to Florida, it’s time for me to start thinking about losing a bit of weight. I want to feel confident enough to walk around in shorts and a crop top and maybe even get a bikini on when I’m out there. We’re staying at Disney’s Old Key West resort and there’s an amazing pool! I don’t want to lose a lot of weight, I’m still a size 8/10 but I would like to fit into my clothes a bit better, tone up some of my flabby bits and have some more confidence. I have gained a lot of confidence since meeting  my boyfriend, he’s really helped a lot but I could do with losing around a stone.

I’m currently the heaviest weight I have ever been and I think this is thanks to working desk jobs for the past couple of years and not getting much activity during the day. However, I’m now working as a freelance blogger and working part time in a shop so I have a lot more time to get some exercise in.

I bought a Fitbit last year and it’s really helped me to get a bit more active – I set myself a goal of 10,000 steps per day and I’m happy to say that most days I reach that goal. Last week I went away to Devon with Tom and we walked 37,000 steps in one day – that’s 15 miles! We are away this weekend too, so hopefully I can get some decent steps in. Walks along the seafront are definitely the way forward – you don’t realise how far you are actually walking and you get to take in the amazing scenery.

I’m trying really hard to cut back on eating all of the crap I usually have – I will eat a whole packet of biscuits without even thinking about it and that’s terrible! I also have way too many sugary drinks especially coffee based ones. I’m going to start weaning myself off all of the sugary snacks and try to avoid going to Starbucks and Costa. I’m also going to be using Pinterest to find some healthy recipes – I’ve already made tortilla pizzas as an alternative to normal pizzas which are delicious and so easy to make. I might even consider meal replacements when I get paid.


I’ve recently been trying to have a clear out – I have so much stuff that I’ve collected over the years and most of it I don’t even use. I’ve been going home once a week or so and spending some time in my bedroom sorting things out that I don’t need any longer. Having a good clear out every so often can be so good for you, I always feel better when I’ve got rid of loads of things.


The first thing I sorted out was clothing – my wardrobe was overflowing and I had so many things in there that I hadn’t worn for ages. I started off by getting rid of anything that hadn’t been worn for more than a year and then I went through the remaining items and I was quite ruthless, getting rid of a lot of things that I couldn’t see myself wearing in the next few months. I’ve either donated my clothes to charity shops, taken them to a Cash 4 Clothes where you get 50p per kilogram or have sold them on eBay. I’ve also done the same with my shoes and bags – I had way too many pairs of shoes that I haven’t worn since I was in university.


I do read a lot, however once I’ve read a book it is unlikely that I will want to read it again (or not for a few years at least), so I had a look through my book collection and donated most of them to charity. Of course, I kept my special books such as my Harry Potter collection and some Enid Blyton books that are almost a hundred years old, they’ve been put in storage in the garage and to make room for them, we’ve made sure we have put all of the tools away in specialist garage equipment from SGS Engineering.


Being a blogger, I’ve amassed so many samples that they’ve taken over my bedroom. As well as samples, I’ve also ended up buying so many different products thanks to other bloggers and youtubers. I spent one afternoon going through my IKEA Helmer drawers and have put aside the samples and products that I will definitely use again and the others have gone to friends and family.


Anyone who knows me will know that I am a crazy cat lady. I have my own cat, Patch who’s 19 years old and is my best friend, I’ve been to four cat cafes in three different countries and I also have the biggest collection of cat related memorabilia – I’ve even made my boyfriend have ‘purrmaid’ sheets on our bed! I’ve made friends with and named all of the cats in our street, I like to think I’m a bit of a cat whisperer!


Although everyone loves a fluffy little kitten, it is so important to neuter your pets, especially cats. As cats are typically free to roam outdoors and meet other moggies, there are a lot of cases of pregnancy in cats as young as six months old. This leads to a lot of unwanted kittens and it can also be bad for the mother’s health. In male cats, it can help to prevent boisterous behaviour and reduce the chance of fighting. It also stops them from spraying which can be very unpleasant, especially if it happens in the house! It’s just a simple operation and it doesn’t take long for the cats to recover, many places even offer vouchers so you can get your cats neutured for as little as £5. Whiskas have created the above video to indicate just how important it is that you get your cats neutured, it’s definitely worth a watch even if it’s just to look at all the cute kittens!